Artisan Video

Through the use of digital video, optional Super-8 film, audio coverage, and creative editing services our talented crew of film makers and award-winning editors create documentary event films that complete the story of your day. 

We offer two types of edits: Highlight and Full Final Cut. You provide your music selections and we take the editing from there. Highlights are set to 1-2 songs and typically fall between 3-6 minutes long. Full Final Cuts include ambient audio and music throughout the edit with entire requested sections of the day included—they are 45 minutes to over an hour in length.

Please keep in mind, videos are exported to load as fast as possible. The Full Final Cut example may take time to buffer and load depending on your internet speed.


Jacob + Mischa 

Brittany + Tommy


Jen + Nick

Jacob + Mischa - Super 8


Full Final Cut