A little xoxo from our loved ones...

We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome of our wedding photos! Amanda has such a great eye, capturing unique, touching moments that you forget happened on your wedding day. Every time we show off our album it takes us back to our special day and are thankful we chose such a professional photographer.
— Lou & Monica Canellis - Chicago, Illinois
You are just amazing! You are such a truly talented artist. These (photographs) are just fabulous. Honestly Amanda, you have the most amazing eye. I have been to all of these events and seen the true beauty with my own eyes, but the way that you capture images takes my breath away. I cannot believe how amazing each and every set of events are that you document.
— Debi Lilly - Celebrity Event Planner
As a professional fine art photographer myself, the choice of who to use as the photographer at my own wedding was one I took very seriously. I can honestly say that I could not have chosen a better photographer than Amanda. Her images are absolutely beautiful and her kind personality made working with her a pleasure. Every time I look at the wonderful photographs in our wedding album, I am instantly reminded of the joy and love that filled our island wedding.
— Telia & David - Grenada, West Indies
The images and layout look absolutely fantastic! It’s amazing how you can pull everything together so perfectly. We love you!
— Vicky & Angelos - Honolulu, Hawaii
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Where to begin-the photography that you shot is absolutely beautiful, unique, and exactly what we were dreaming of!! Every time we look through the proofs it brings tears to our eyes because you truly captured the emotion of our wedding! It is going to be hard to select pictures for our album because they are so amazing! It was hard choosing just our engagement pictures and there are so many more wedding photos! All of you were absolutely fabulous during the whole process—you were wonderful throughout the whole (long) wedding day! We got so many compliments and even more now that the pictures are on-line. We would recommend you all to anyone for your artistic ability, professionalism, and general overall friendliness to work with!! You truly gave us photographs that will keep our wedding day forever as fresh as the day it happened! Thank you, Thank you!
— Katie & Bill - Chicago, Illinois
Amanda, I got the pictures just now...they are so unbelievable. I feel like I’m back there again. I can’t say thanks enough. I want to be you!! You are great! THANK YOU!
— Kelly & Brian - Vail, Colorado
I just wanted to take a moment & thank you so much for all your wonderful work at our wedding. We just got our pictures and they are phenomenal. We’ve gone through most of them and we’ve narrowed it down to the ones we love - to 350. It’s going to be so hard for us to choose. But more importantly, we really enjoyed your company. Both of us have been at weddings where the photographer is just someone to avoid, a necessary evil. You were a special part of our day. As my mother said, she was so glad that you were so good at what you did, because she liked you so much as a person. We felt the same. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Thanks so much.
— Melissa & Michael - Chicago, Illinois
What an artist you are, indeed. It was so exciting to see the pictures. You did a great job capturing our ‘silly’ and ‘serious’ sides...what a great variety of shots. We feel so lucky to have been a part of your talent.
— Ruth Ann & Eric - Denver, Colorado
Amanda, Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into making our photo album beautiful. It is a work of art! You did such an amazing job capturing our special day through your camera - you are so talented! We can’t thank you enough! You are a pleasure to work with!
— Anne & Phillip - Chicago, Illinois
Amanda, I am simply floored by our pictures. So many wonderful little moments that I had no idea you captured. (You sneaky girl, you!) If we were to make an album of our favorites right now, it’d be 600 photos big. Thank you so very much. You, Kristy and—oh man, I forgot his name!—well, you *all* went so far beyond my expectations. And in case you didn’t know, my expectations were very, very high. We couldn’t be happier.
— Kathleen & Tim - Chicago, Illinois