Senior Associate Christine




Artisan: Senior Associate

Style: Editorial with a non-traditional flare.

Background: List years shooting weddings, formal training, years with Artisan.

Posing Approach: How she poses, philosophy on direction throughout day vs. journalism.

What’s most important: What do you think are the top 3 priorities while working with your clients?

Favorite Locations: List a few types of venues she's shot at so clients know she's good at outdoor and dark lighting..., etc. (making stuff up but something like that here)

Experience: 200 + Including (List how she has done Jewish, Christian, Destination, etc.), List comfort level with challenging venues, lighting, large bridal parties.


Let’s work together

Christine’s editorial style differentials her. Something about how her work is unique from the other shooters, blah blah blah


A little more...

Fun Fact: Some weird hobby or personal trait (help client connect or remember her)

Clients Include: It was such a joy having Christine photograph our wedding day. We felt at ease with her calming demeanor as we were both a little nervous in front of the camera. We both felt so comfortable with her that we didn’t even notice her camera! She knew when to step in and give direction and when to step back and let the moments unfold. Christine beautifully captured the special moments of our day we are forever grateful. (probably find updated quote)

As Seen In: List PR publications

Personal Quote:
I absolutely love what I do! Weddings are such a thrill and there is nothing better than being able to capture a love story....


Wedding Album Sample


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